Topic outline

  • General information

  • Mandatory specializing courses

    The academic program of the first semester includes 15 ECTS mandatory specializing courses:

    Please note that the second semester is fully dedicated to the Master internship (30 ECTS credits)

    • Elective courses

      • Please indicate using the first survey the total number of ECTS credits chosen in your ISP for the first year at KU-Leuven and the one that you have to choose at UGA.
      • Please choose first some elective courses among the recommended courses listed (see the second survey below). Rank 1 all the elective courses that you would like to follow. If some courses do not open due to a limited number of registered students, please indicate substitute elective courses ranked from 2,3,4,....
      • If you would like to choose some other elective courses proposed by Nanochemistry or Bionanotechnology tracks, please use the last survey below. Please check before that the date, time and location of the chosen course are not in conflict with mandatory specializing courses or your first elective choices within the recommended list.